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The Full Story

About Us

Cadencia Digital Marketing started as the brain child of Geoff Coleman.  As a business owner for ten years prior, Geoff was adept at offline and traditional marketing.  But when it came to Facebook and Google ads, he always struggled.  After 1,000's of dollars wasted and failed attempts, Geoff decided to learn what he was doing wrong. 

He enrolled in course after course, studying for what seemed like a lifetime before finally starting to see results for his businesses.  Once he got his certifications and was able to duplicate his efforts, Geoff  decided he would like to help other struggling business owners who didn't have the time or funding to learn the ins and out of digital marketing.

Thus, Cadencia Digital Marketing was born.



Get results.  Plain and simple.  Every business is different and has its own personality and brand.  That's why we invented Adaptive Digital Marketing.  It's our system of finding out how your company stands apart from the rest and exposing your target market in a way that resonates with them emotionally and logically.


Our vision is to continue to grow by providing the highest level of service and professionalism to each customer we serve.  Your business is our business.

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