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Stephen’s Landscaping, LLC.

34 Leads in 30 days

"I have lead pouring in."



1. Background

2. Methodology

3. The Ad We Used

4.. Results From 30 Days of Marketing


Background Information:


When we first met Stephen Tate, he was in deeply dissatisfied with his current lead generation efforts and results. He was struggling due to lack of quality leads. He was using Thumbtack and other services but could not get enough jobs to fill his calendar and keep his crew working. After a short talk, we knew we could help solve all of Stephen’s problem and fill his customer pipeline in no time.




The first thing we did was find out what made Stephen’s company different than the rest. Through interviews with Stephen and his past customers, we were able to find out that Stephen’s extensive background and degree in Environmental Health and the years he spent growing up on a farm had given him a deep knowledge of horticulture and played a crucial part in how he communicated his knowledge to clients. This was the missing piece of the puzzle we were looking for.


We immediately began filming content and creating his website. The focus was on his knowledge and building customer confidence by prominently displaying his online ratings and informative videos. We felt that by showcasing these two things, potential clients would have an increased belief that Stephen’s landscaping would get their job done the right way and on time.


From there, we created a blockbuster offer that potential clients would feel stupid for saying no to. We used our exclusive offer creation method to create ads that resonated with prospects and focused on their problems and how we could solve them quickly with Stephen’s services and products.


We meticulously tested multiple ads in order to find the best performing one. We tested different pictures, videos and ad creatives as well as multiple versions of the ad copy. This way we made sure that Stephen’s cost of customer acquisition was as low as possible which enabled him to get more leads for less money.

The Ad We Used:

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The Results:

34 Leads in 30 Days

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Cadencia Digital Marketing is a full-service, result-based digital marketing agency in Atlanta. We guarantee consistent sales and substantial return on your marketing investment or YOU DON’T PAY US ANYTHING. No Retainer Fees – Just Results.

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